PIF - Camel Card

$1.00 USD


Product Description

There are only 4 cards left, so please only purchase what you need so that others may participate in the PIF. Shukran :)

These camel cards have been made with sections torn out of my father's old economics book. Your card will be randomly chosen so camel images may vary.

If you are not a Zibbet Seller: PIF or "pay it forward" is a random act of kindness where the recipient instead of doing a good deed to the person who "deeded" them, passes the kind gesture onto someone else.

Zibbet Sellers: This is a PIF listing. If you purchase this item please put a PIF listing in your store. Happy Listing!

This is a Pay-It-Forward (PIF) listing. Basically, if you would like to purchase one of my PIF listings, all you have to do is to also list your own PIF listing for each one you buy, in your own shop, and tell us about it in this thread in our Zibbet forums: http://community.zibbet.com/forum/topics/who-wants-to-have-a-pif-game

PIF - Camel Card PIF - Camel Card PIF - Camel Card PIF - Camel Card