Purple Eyed Satin Cord Necklace - Teardrop shape

$12.00 USD


Product Description

This purple eyed beauty is the beautiful sole sister of the blue eye charms, which are called the "ayin hasad " (eye of envy). They are thought to be reflective, to bounce the evil eye back to the sender. A jinni (female - jinniyah or plural - jinn) is a spirit or demon endowed with supernatural power. They are quite common in Arabic and Islamic folklore and this necklace will try to help keep you safe against those that try to cause you harm.

The bead is attached to a satin black or brown cord that is 18 ½ inches long and can be worn as a 8 or 10 inch depending on where you fasten the chain to the lobster claw closure at the end.

Shukran for looking!