Voting Muslim Button Pin

$1.50 USD


Product Description

This election season, let the politicians know that you, as a Muslim, have a vote.

Here is your chance to stand up and not be afraid to be counted whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or an Independent!

Be one of the many, the proud, the Muslims!

Be one of those who not only loves their religion but also loves being an American, where you get to decide on every realm of local and national political causes.

This button will open dialogs for others to ask you questions.

Use the power of your voice wisely to speak of Islam in a way that was meant to be spoken about -- that it teaches love, tolerance, respect and peace.

Pin is 1 inch, white and has an adjustable backing.

Shipping includes handling, padded envelope and PayPal fees. Let me know if you want multiples and I can adjust the shipping charges.

Voting Muslim Button Pin